Pearl Islands - Fun and Learning through an Incredible Adventure


  • Complete preparation and organization of Team Building events and other business events.
  • Organization of part of the program, within the event, depending on the needs of the client.

It is possible to organize several different programs of activities. The program is specially adapted to the wishes and needs, all in accordance with the basic goals of the event itself. Activities can be organized outdoors or indoors.

Programs within the Team Building event:

  • Business simulations - extremely powerful, attractive, interesting programs that add special value to your event and have a lasting educational effect.

  • Team Building "Games without frontieres" - hundreds of different fun / educational games lasting from a few minutes to 2 hours per game (power games, balance games, orientation games, memory games, surprise games).

  • Karaoke showdown, Team dances, Tam-Tam school drums...

  • Adrenaline activities: sailing, diving, rafting, paragliding, canyoning, helicopter and / or jeep riding, skydiving, paint ball, hiking, skiing, wildlife survival...

  • Additional activities according to your requirements.